Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wheatley Fly Boxes

WHEATLEY FLY BOX, 32 Compartment, 6", 1609


The finest dry fly box made by Wheatleys - the "Rolls Royce" of fly boxes. BNIB, Made in England.
The ideal gift for the angler / fly-fisherman.
This Richard Wheatley fly box which has been the favourite of anglers worldwide for over a century.
The finest name in fly boxes, and this is their top of the range box.

Normally selling for around £99 - offered here at £89.00

+ Postage - for UK add £4.50 = Total £93.50
for rest of the world add £12.50 = Total  £101.50
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hardy, Westley Richards, Farlow - catalogues

With pre 1900 Hardy Anglers' Guides commanding prices into 4 figures (£ UK!) we decided to digitise the ones we had and make them available as a collectors resource.

I sell them on ebay at approx £19.90 each. We can both save ebay and Paypal fees!
I'm happy to offer them through this page at £15 each including UK P & P
(overseas P & P - say £5 = £20 total)

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Available are -
  1. PDF file, on CD - 1895 Hardy's Anglers' Guide - full catalogue
    All 257 pages have been carefully scanned and are included in easy readable PDF format

  2.  PDF on CD - 1899 Hardy's Anglers' Guide - full catalogue
    All 305 pages have been carefully scanned and are included in easy readable PDF format
  3.  PDF file, on (2x) CDs - 1912 Hardy's Anglers' Guide.
    All 390 pages have been carefully scanned and are included in easy readable PDF format

  4. PDF file of Westley Richards 1925 "Rods and Tackle" catalogue.
    The 186 pages contain much more than simply "rods & tackle".
  5. PDF File on CD - Farlows 1899 catalogue
    The 157 pages are all included.
  6.  PDF, on CD, with images from the Reel Sections of early Hardy catalogues.
    [We have edited and scanned the reel pages from the 1899, 1912, 1921, 1925, 1928 & 1934 catalogues to create this PDF.
    185 pages of mainly reel pictures which includes several Perfect and Silex variations, Bougle, St George, Fortuna, Zane Grey, Cascapedia . . .. and many more.]
(you'll need Adobe Reader, but you've probably got it anyway; if not it's Free to download)

Dingley Rolo reel, J Bernard, 4 1/2"

A superb example of William Dingley's patented 'Rolo' reel. Badged for J Bernard of Jermyn Street, London.
This 1920s reel is full frame, has excellent leading and looks as though it has never been used. Full length brass foot, caged spool, t-bar handle, large diameter of 4 1/2" .... and a sound to lift any angler. Would make an excellent salmon reel.

Asking £345 (+ P&P @ cost)

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fishing/shooting/photography/man/lady Bags

Hardy Test Fishing Bag

A great used example of  Hardy's world famous "Test" bag.
Approx 15" x 12" with clean pop in liner, 2 net rings and no holes.
Almost half price with twice the cred . . . and some karma!
I've also used the bag for business, travel, laptop and camera.

[only selling because I've been told I've too many bags, yep, really (the irony wasn't obvious)]

Asking SOLD (+P&P @ cost)

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Chapman cartridge/tablet bag

From the superb Cumbrian bag makers - a small (approx 10" x 8" x 3" / 25 x 20 x 7.5cm) multi use bag.
Originally a cartridge bag, the restricted opening (to prevent cartridges spilling out) has been split to allow the bag to be used for carrying a tablet, and more, not visible from the outside. The price reflects this. [a modern Chapman Cartridge bag is around £130]

Asking SOLD  (+ P&P @ cost)

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ari ‘t Hart Travel Vice

My tiny Ari 't Hart travel vice, complete with 2nd set of jaws and original leather case.

A superb example of Mr Hart's design skills. I believe it's one of only 40 ever made.
(the photos don't show the case and the spare head - I'll edit first chance I get [Edit, photos added]; the Remco is for scale only :-))


Monday, 16 February 2015

Robert Turnbull of Edinburgh 3½” caged spool fly reel.

A very fine example of this much debated, Dingleyesque, reel.
Personally I don’t believe it was made in Alnwick but most likely in Scotland.

This reel has a caged spool with telephone latch; wraparound brass foot, ivory (?) handle and caliper check. The (reversible) check has the click on the retrieve and silent out – see photos.

Badged oval for Robert Turnbull, Maker, Edinburgh and neatly engraved owner’s name “J. A. McMaster”

Asking £240 (+ P&P @ cost)

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